America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful

America is a nation of immigrants, explorers and revolutionaries.

Two-hundred and forty years ago, we started as a small and scrappy pack of rebels, driven by a dream of “liberty and justice for all.” An outpost of outcasts, we penned our vision on street sides and carved our values in stone. We marched for peace and fought for freedom. And through it all, with each passing decade and each changing generation, we climbed… together.

This country’s rise to greatness was fueled by the imagination, resilience, tenacity and hard work of people from all walks of life, and all parts of the world. This land was built on the backs and the brains of every kind of person, from any kind of place. America the beautiful has been sculpted by hands of every color, and hearts of every creed. And that is how we won.

That is why we won.

Our unmatched ability to pour our differences into the same pool, and emerge stronger, and more similar than ever, is what propelled us to unimaginable heights. It’s what made us a beacon of hope and a bastion of opportunity. See, diversity alone is intriguing. But diversity drenched in shared values is American. That is who we are. THAT is what makes us great. That is how we led, and it’s the only way we’ll continue to lead.

We may not always see eye to eye, but we must always stand toe to toe against anyone and anything that tries to unsoak our American spirit, and dry us out into division. Our greatness is in the strangeness of our sameness.

We the People.

We – the different, diverse, distinctive but unified – People.



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