Kash Shaikh
Kash Shaikh is an award-winning brand builder, entrepreneur, speaker, and Founder of Besomebody, Inc., a global learning platform that gives people the skills they need to get guaranteed jobs with great companies.

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Running to Life.

Running to Life.

Posted on: 04 Feb 2011

Life is full of metaphors. They silently surround us, waiting for us to have the sight – the Vision – to see them. Two years ago I would’ve been more likely to run into a closed room with that demon from Paranormal Activity then run up the equally-evil Hill Street.

Thank You. Merci. Gracias. Shukran. Salamat. Spasibo. Xie Xie. Tesekkurler. Bayarlalaa. Dhanyawaad. Dank u.

Posted on: 28 Jan 2011

It’s been 2 weeks since we launched the #besomebody blog, and the response has been amazing… We’re growing every day and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. Thank you so much for your energy and passion… It’s contagious. I personally have been blown away by all your positive feedback, comments, emails, BBMs, texts… Means …

The #Besomebody Lifestyle.

The #Besomebody Lifestyle.

Posted on: 11 Jan 2011

#Besomebody is a declaration that your Best is all you have to give. It’s a commitment to choose Action over apathy, Possibility over pessimism, and Now over never. It’s about embracing the Moment, and dropkicking the past. It’s part believer, part badass. Confident not cocky, driven not obsessed. It’s being relentless.