I’m calling bullshit.

I’m calling every single one of you out.

I’m calling MYSELF out.

All this talk about dreams and drive and destiny. All these “conversations with love.”

Inspirational quotes and motivational mantras. Bright-eyed words beaten by bold-faced lies.

Voice without a vision. Noise without a mission. All talk, but no takeover.

Our mouths keep moving, but our feet stay deadbolted to the ground.

We reach high, but only when no one’s watching.

We take the stage, but only when the crowds are small.

We’re so afraid of the future when the only thing that should scare us is repeating the past.

We ‘like’ and ‘share’ and ‘pin’ and ‘retweet.’ Positivity looks nice in our newsfeed. Potential sounds good in our profile.

But we’re full of it.

Gamblers without guts. Fighters with fake fists.

Believers with no balls.

So we don’t deserve our dreams, and happiness? Happiness doesn’t owe us a damn thing.

If we can’t bet on ourselves, then why the hell should anyone put any money on us?

If we’d rather choose failure, than chance success… we’re losers anyway.

Winning is going for it.

Zero in the bank, nothing in hand, excuses on empty, just f*cking GOING FOR IT.

Whatever “it” is, however big “it” becomes, no matter how scary “it” sounds, going for it…

But instead we sit.

And wait.

And wonder.

And waste away this precious gift of a life.

We watch our passion fall, at the feet of our fears.

So I’m calling us all out.

I’m calling myself out.

We’re all talk.

And I’ve had enough.





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    Absolutely spot on Kash. Can’t thank you enough for having the gumption and courage to call ALL of us out and make us realize what we need to do! Go ALL in on our passion and let no one stand in our way of doing that.

    Thank you!!!

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    Best ever! Listen to it EVERY DAY. Every single day!! Love the power and the reality check! #besomebody. changed my life!

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