Stay Dedicated at the Detours

Stay Dedicated at the Detours

The surface level decorations of Entrepreneurship get all the attention, but it’s the deeper decisions, detours and dilemmas that dictate the journey.

The dedication you have to the mission. To the cause.

Everything that’s real happens in the trenches, and the things that matter most go unseen…

How you handle change and challenge and adversity and setbacks and confusion and dissenters and lovers and fans and frauds and wins and losses and heartbreak.

Your ability to stay insanely focused on the vision, be completely present in the moment, and then be incredibly open to whatever twists and turns may, and will, happen in between…

We have a long way to go at Besomebody, but we are focused and we are committed and we believe.

And we are giving it all we got.

And we will do whatever it takes to help people live their passions.



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