Definition is the Enemy.

Definition is the Enemy.

I’m surrounded by walls.

Cornered by constraint.

Forced into the places you put me.

Squeezed into safe shapes.  Shoved into polished packages.  Sheltered from the power of my own determination.

You ask me to aspire but then you question my ambition. You tell me to explain, instead of teaching me to explore.

You want me to feel but then you suffocate my senses. Bury me with should’s and can’t’s and supposed to’s….

Drown me in the ordinary.

You tell me to stand for something, but the ceiling you made for me is too low. The space you assigned to me is too small. How can I rise up when your ungreat expectations keep me down?

The roof over my head is leaking with limitations. The cover above me was locked by foreign fingers.

The windows to my world are blacked out by what you want me to be.

Why do you need to define me?

Why is it necessary for you to sum me up in one sentence?

What is it about my potential that scares you?

I will no longer be held hostage by your near-sighted vision.

I will not be imprisoned by YOUR comfort zone.  I will not be locked up by YOUR fears… Your lack of imagination and absence of articulation will no longer limit my long overdue manifestation…

My destiny is now firmly in my hands.

So stop trying to put me and peg me and pin me… your palms move too slow and my faith grows too fast.

I don’t have perfectly square edges. And I can’t fit inside anyone else’s box. My passions are too wild to be tamed. My dreams are too big for any cage.

My belief is too reckless to stay within the lines.

When you define me, you confine me.

My power is in my lack of definition. I am whatever I want to be…

No limits, no borders, no boundaries. Always open, ever evolving.

I can BE anything.

And for me… anything is possible.


Kash  $


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    This is one of the MOST important realizations – that we are all constrained by the DEFINITIONS & EXPECTATIONS OF OTHERS. We subliminally conform to the “requirements” of age, of status, of friendship, of family ties. We exist only as a collection of SOMEBODY ELSE’S dreams…while our own heart beats to a different bit, our OWN bit, the one we do not allow to acknowledge even to OURSELVES! indeed, it is time to become YOURSELF. It is time to start living YOUR DREAMS. it is time to #besomebody.

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      exactly brother. people. feelings. movements. brands. businesses…. anything. 🙂 when we define, we confine.

      let the world shape it…



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    Well excuse my arrogance, this sure seems a lot like a private conversation that happed. The interesting thing, is who it helped. Was it the one it was intended for or the one that wrote it? Answers that perhaps this one time in history, we not need to think about. Just embrace the purity in the desire of believing in one another. Well put my brother well put.

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      Hey bro,
      I hope this post had the same sentiments as the conversations we’ve had. Because if it not, then neither would be “real”… definition is the enemy, just as we talked. We have to own our lives, and choose our own adventure. Pursue what we love, even if it means enduring the hardships along the way.

      People forget that sacrifice, struggle, and suffering come before success… i am experiencing that right now – i quit my job, left my nice condo and nice furniture and nice clothes behind… left my girlfriend behind… (brought my damn cats though, whats up with that?! lol)…. left a good paycheck and a clear future… to chase a dream. 110% in….. all i know is one thing: NO ONE will out work me.

      And also, one more thing… a key in relationships is to be able to keep it real with each other… #besomebody isn’t for the weak minded. It’s tough love when someone you care about is in a dark place. They might not appreciate it then, but if they allow themselves to HEAR the message, they will understand it later…

      best of luck to you on your journey, Phillip.


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      thank you bro. much love! Freedom – that is truly it… and its a beautiful thing.

      we will be in your country soon, but only for a short while… heading to a village in Burere… lets see if possible to see each other… if not, then next time. for sure. 🙂


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    Beautiful, Kash. I am always inspired by your passion, will and awareness. I ask you… Who is it that defines you? Breaking free from the tribe requires great strength, like your 3 “Selfs”. It has nothing to do with others, yet everything to do with them. Our world is a reflection of us… Our judgements, our beliefs, empowering or limiting. Thank you for the reminder… Shedding the definition of self is a collapse of time and energy. : )

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      Ami – just saw this comment. Thanks as always for reading and sharing… The beauty of life is the power that emerges in our hands when we decide to raise our fists to anyone or anything that tries to keep us from our true self. The world is constantly trying to define us. It’s time to declare war… 🙂 thank you. – Kash

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    This one touched me. I grew up in a small town and then moved to Houston. There are a lot of factors that played into me moving but, I left and left my girls behind, at their choice. There is so much involved in this entire story and my story is hard to take in for people that hear it when I explain all of the factors involved. After I moved, I was accused of being a stripper, being a drug addict, an alcoholic, abandoning my children, etc. I was none of those things…I was only emotionally broken. People from that small town were judging me without knowing details. They are so stuck in their little bubble and afraid of anything that is different so they automatically make any person that doesn’t follow their ‘rules’ out to be evil or bad. I’ve been dragged thru the mud so so many times and each time I have to just wipe my tears, dust myself off and keep going. I refuse to let them bring me down or tell me who I am supposed to be. Their stabs and attempts to bring me down only make me stronger and work harder to prove my worth even though I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I have come so very far and have healed my own wounds. Success is my best revenge to all who tried to bring me down. I KNOW who I am…I am amazing.

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