Standing at the edge of the ocean. One foot on shaky ground. The other skimming sea salt. Toes dipped slightly below the surface. Eyes locked firmly beyond the horizon… Looking. Staring.

Envisioning a distant land. Imagining a new world.

I don’t know what I will face. I don’t know what will hurt me… how harsh the waters or how angry the wind… I don’t know how long, or how fast, or how hard I will fall.

Or how high I’ll rise…

I don’t have any evidence. No compass or convoy. No tried and true.

No proof. No data. No science or no substance that can be counted, collected, or measured.

I just believe.

I just have this feeling. This deep, strong, screaming suspicion. Hope guiding my gut. Vision lighting my mind. Faith setting fire to my soul

Day after day. Morning after moonrise. I know it’s out there. I can see it with my eyes closed.

Don’t ask me how, or why, or when. Don’t make me explain.

Just let me follow this feeling. Let me sail to this dream.

I was made to wonder. I was born to wander. I am destined to explore.

I am ready to find.


Kash  $


Photo by: Kash Shaikh. San Francisco, CA. USA.

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    Hey Kash – great piece again! I love the way you use imagery in your writing ….. this piece to me is all about why you left GoPro to ‘do your thing’ and to #besomebody! “I just have this feeling. This deep, strong, screaming suspicion. Hope guiding my gut. Vision lighting my mind. Faith setting fire to my soul…” – absolutely right. It is the internal fire that drives us to want more, to try things, to believe we can achieve what we really want from life, that the world can be a better place and that we can, in our own perhaps small way, leave this world a better place than we found it!

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      you’re exactly right, Simon. that is why i left… its a feeling i’ve had for so long. but i finally mustered the courage (the balls! lol) to go after it… and that courage was brought to me by all the people around the world that believed in #besomebody. their passion was my fuel. and now, together i think we can do something very special…. 🙂

      i will be in london for just a day or two June 9th and 10th… for a big global expedition… you will see on FB soon… 🙂

      are u around?


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        Hi Kash
        Let me know where in London you will be and I will travel down from Staffordshire to meet up! Cannot let that brief chance go past!!

        I am just loving the way your writing makes me look at myself, what I do and how I think …. always challenging me to make sure I always push to #besomebody

        Will be watching FB for more details! Simon

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    You’re on the Brink, Kash. Edge of Discovery. Poised for Blast-off. Your words say it all.

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    In a world full of uncertainty we dont give up..
    when all lights go off and its dark we look hard..
    when heights are too much for us we close our eyes and jump still….
    because we believe…..

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      dont be scared boo. world exploration leads to self discovery. no matter how far we go, if we are open to our heart and the signs around us, we find the right way home. 🙂


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    Stunningly beautiful!!! (both the girl and the literature ;-))

    Reading your incredible writing — I’m reminded of the words of Andre Gide: “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

    Leaps of faith, plunges of hope and dares to dream are frightening, exciting and awe-inspiring, all-in-one! They’re also necessary to discover new worlds and build dreams. I love the way your piece captures this intangible process of growth and experience of evolution so beautifully and eloquently.

    Keeping our eyes locked beyond the horizon — with the Power of Hope, Faith and Vision — we can sail smoothly through the harshest waters & stand tall through the angriest winds.


    Thank you Kash!!!

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      Thank you, as always, Kulsum. I enjoy your comments as much as I enjoy writing my posts…! 🙂 always so thoughtful and well articulated.

      I am taking the advice of Gide… setting sail without a clear destination in sight.. and without the view of the shores behind me…. but, i do believe…

      hope you are well!


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    I just recently found your blog and I love all your pieces! I keep reading them over and over. This one in particular, every time I read it, a different word or phrase catches my attention and every time, I get chills! I read them out lout with passion or I read them to myself taking pauses when I want to make it dramatic. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more.

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    Yazmin – im so sorry i just saw this… thanks so much for reading and for the kind words. I always feel like I don’t write for the eyes, I write for the EARS… meant to be read out loud. Thanks for experiencing my writing the way it was meant to be shared – personally and passionately. I hope you are well and thanks for supporting #besomebody. – Kash

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