This Is Why Good Is Never Good Enough

This Is Why Good Is Never Good Enough

About 7 years ago I decided that good isn’t good enough. Not in any part of life: work, play, health, relationships; education and exploration; service and faith. We can do better when we make the decision to be great. Sounds simple enough, but most of us, most of the time, settle for a few steps below. We don’t test our highest powers.

Great isn’t about keeping score, it’s about measuring growth. And the true beauty of that proclamation unfolds when it’s void of contrasts and comparisons of what other people are doing. It’s most meaningful when it’s all YOURS. The pursuit of your own personal greatness – in whatever size or shape that speaks to you – that’s when you begin to elevate to another level. That’s when you raise the bar.

The irony of it all is that we may rarely reach our own lofty standards. But that’s ok. The symptoms and side effects of simply pushing and fighting and striving to be great – to build great things and make great differences – give us all the habits and tools we need to keep our fire burning. No matter what dark twists or ugly turns cross our Paths. That passionate pursuit helps us keep going. That journey keeps us grateful.

So let’s decide.

And then let’s go do great work.



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