Be Grateful for the Journey that Shapes You

Be Grateful for the Journey that Shapes You

Thank you to the highs, for forcing me to face my tallest fears.
Thank you to the lows, for teaching me the taste of my honest tears.
Thank you to the ups, for reminding me why I work so damn hard.
Thank you to the downs, for ensuring my head isn’t bigger than my heart.
Thank you for the love that soaked my softest moments.
Thank you for the loss that sunk my strongest poses.
Thank you for the family that helped me through hell.

Thank you for the lonely that introduced me to myself.
Thank you for the wins that have made me and the sins that have saved me.
Thank you for every lesson learned, every blessing earned, every promise broken and every prayer heard.
Thank you for the falls and faults and failures that allowed me to rethink, rebuild and redeem.
And thank you for the chance to chase this crazy, crazy dream.

Thankful. Thank full.

Thank you.



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