I Don’t Want Your Filters.

I Don’t Want Your Filters.

I don’t want your picture perfect.
I don’t want your finished and flawless.
There is no color correction or auto detection that can expand or extend my love and affection.

No particular angle or element or lighting that makes your self-portrait more attractive or inviting.
No stainless surface or spotless version that paints you into a purer person.
No photos shopped, dropped, cropped or chopped that cut out my curiosity or lessen your luminosity.
Not a single piece of artificial imagery that makes you seem bigger, or better, or more beautiful to me.

I don’t want your filters.

I want your real and raw, your uncommon law, I want to speak to the secrets that no one ever saw.
I want your uncovered faces and unsanitary spaces that sing to my soul like undiscovered phrases.
I want to see what you see in yourself every morning,
I want to watch you, unlock you and release you without warning.
I want to dance with your fears and make love to your reflection.
Whisper to your tears and welcome your imperfections.
Give me what you’re hiding and show me your broken parts,
Invite me where you’re lying and hold me with your heart.
No borders or boundaries or censored surroundings, just a temple of truth standing right where you found me.

The good, the bad and the utmost of ugly, an untamed love that’s more honest than lovely.
Uncovered and uncleaned, our unedited dream.
Far from social fiction and further from phony memes.
I want to see YOU when I see you, every style and every surprise…

So put down the makeup, and let’s talk when we wakeup, and let’s start by opening our eyes.



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    Extraordinary Kash. Love the level of depth, honesty & just genuine feeling/emotion if it. The rawness, truth of it will reach do many who feel as you have. What you have here is a Masterpiece. Love!!

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