This is the Most Important Realization to Come to Today

This is the Most Important Realization to Come to Today

In this lightly dusted, highly manicured social media world we live in, we rarely know or notice or acknowledge the trials and troughs and tribulations that those around us go through.

We’re connected by likes and hearts and dancing emojis but there’s so much more depth – and, at times, darkness – that we all face far beneath the reaches of our news feeds.

Not the surface level noise or superficial negativity that clutters so much of our social surroundings.

I’m talking about the struggles that go on in silence.

The relationships that aren’t as pretty as our profile pictures.

The weekends we’re not proud of and the check-in’s we don’t want anyone else to see.

Alone and away from any meme or mention or comment string…

Although it’s often hidden or hiding, we all are going through something.


That realization alone works wonders in enabling awareness, and love, and understanding.

It’s a simple but powerful equalizer…

We all have our hopes and our hurts.

Our highs and our goodbyes.

Our wishes and misses…

When you realize that we all share these common bonds of pain and suffering and joy and laughter, and when you remember we all dream and try and cry.

That’s when you learn that what unites us is much greater than what divides us.

That we are ALL a lot more similar than we are different.

And that’s why I truly believe that we’re all in this together…

Keep fighting your fight. We all got your back.



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