You Need to Dive Beneath the Surface

You Need to Dive Beneath the Surface

I know it’s not fun. I know it’s painful and awkward and uncomfortable at times. I know it hurts.

But the only way to rise high, is to dive deep.

You have to fall into the depths of you. Sink into yourself, and start to discover everything about you that’s not sitting on the surface.

Your fears, your failures, your insecurities. Your passions, your purpose, your beliefs. Your secrets and regrets. Your “why.”

Everything that’s been hidden by time, turmoil or circumstance. All that’s buried beneath your garden of excuses. All that’s waiting to be found.

You have to ask yourself the tough questions and accept the harsh answers.

The deeper we go into the origins of how we feel and what we think and what we do and why we do it and who we are doing it for, the clearer our paths become.



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