The Power in Your Words.

The Power in Your Words.

Can you make your words dance?

Twisting and twirling emotion into a tango of terms and a salsa of sentences…

Swaying back and forth between the candor of truth and the mystery of context clues…

Paragraphs guided by beat and punctuation channeled by rhythm, all within the echoes of the dot-dot-dot

A story that leaps from a page or bounds from your tongue in a masterfully choreographed ballet of expression…

And dancing is just the start.

If you can master language and conquer literacy, you’re well equipped to take on any challenge.

I’ve always believed that eloquence of speech and deftness of composition are the rarest, and most powerful, of weapons.

And if words are weapons, then perfecting their use and refining their delivery is power. Keeping them constructive is our responsibility. Fueling them with positivity is our opportunity.

Your ability to communicate is what will separate you from your competition, distinguish you from colleagues, and differentiate you from the masses. It will allow you to inspire and to lead.

History’s greatest leaders were all connoisseurs of communication. They each knew how to maneuver and compose words to incite a reaction or infuse an idea. Some used it for good – Lincoln, Churchill, Mandela, Kennedy, King, Ali… others for destruction.

Even today, while people vigorously debate the merits of our current President, no one can argue his gifts as an orator and a motivator.

Our beliefs may guide us, and our actions may define us, but our words can captivate those around us.

It’s not about being a walking dictionary or human almanac. And it’s definitely not about spending every Tuesday night at your local watering hole punching answers to trivia questions into a beer-soaked keypad. You don’t need to quote Shakespeare.

It’s about making a commitment to prioritize articulate exchanges and practice meaningful conversation. It’s about speaking with purpose and writing with passion. It’s taking time to harmonize with others while never losing sight of your personal melody.

Perfecting our ability to listen and tell and share is a lifetime process. Recognize the power in your words and the potential in your writing. Nurture it.

You don’t have to talk the most to SAY the most.

Influential communication is a combination of timing, tenor, and tone… it’s about depth and cadence. Every sentence is a symphony. And when played right, it’s music to our ears.


Kash  $

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    “Your ability to communicate is what will separate you from your competition, distinguish you from colleagues, and differentiate you from the masses.”

    this is my FAVORITE post to date. i honestly feel this is the single most important thing you can do in life – articulate your thoughts / feelings / ideas in a manner that garners you understanding and respect. i think this was captured beautifully $ !

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      Thanks Michelle… 🙂 I’m really glad you liked it. I completely agree with you, there’s so much power in being able to wield your words wisely… whether spoken or written, we can ignite revolutions, soothe relationships, and stretch reality with our words. I’ve always admired people who can speak and write well, and I’ve noticed that there is a common thread among them all – they can lead and inspire others… which is pretty cool. 🙂

      Thanks as always for your support and for the comment!


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    Kash, you’re spot on about the power of words! Like you said so eloquently, words are akin to rhythm in a dance, or melody in a symphony.
    The Bee Gees crooned “It’s only Words, and Words are all I have, to take your heart away”.
    The Beatles wailed, “Say the Word I’m thinking of, Have you heard? the Word is Love”. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but if you hold the power of words, you can wield them like a brush, and produce a breathtaking painting with just a few.
    Keep up the good wordsmithing!

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      Thanks pops! As always say, I inherited any writing skills from you. I could never draw or paint like you and the rest of the fam, but I think our link to ‘art’ is our shared vision to make ‘words’ do beautiful things…

      thanks for the support and for the inspiration! And ps, what did Elvis say about ‘words’? 🙂


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    Oh wow, someone knows the Bee Gees in this #besomebody community! #fantastic.

    My my favorite part of the post of course, the most poetic ,the ending, “Influential communication is a combination of timing, tenor, and tone… it’s about depth and cadence. Every sentence is a symphony. And when played right, it’s music to our ears.”

    So many times I hear the words ” that’s not what I mean” which illustrates so clearly the fact that saying what you mean and meaning what you say are as important as the way they are said.
    Especially in sticky situations where really all you have is tone an cadence because the subject can’t really be altered.

    It’s a valuable skill I wish would be spoken of and emphasized more. I can only imagine the pain and misunderstandings that would rarely happen and mostly the joy and comfort that can be shared if we ( me included) strive daily to harness the power in our words and #besomebody.Truly powerful…

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      Thanks as always for the great comment… your comments always take the intent and message of the post and expand it… take it deeper… which is the real magic of all of this… being the ‘spark’, and then watching as each person makes it grow bigger and brighter…

      When do we get to read your guest post? 🙂 Topic is open for you to choose.. you know the #besomebody lifestyle as well as anyone!

      thanks again,


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    Great great post, couldn’t agree more! Look no further than one of the greatest orators in recent history, Obama, to see the true power of words. I still remember listening to his “Audacity of Hope,” speech from the 2004 DNC during a public speaking class in college. That speech, and the passion that he delivered it with, resonated with so many and almost single-handely brought him into the nation’s conciousness. I def. remember being a believer and jocking him from that point on haha.

    On that note, would be cool to see some weekly videos/speeches on the blog that follow the principles of the #besomebody lifestyle. Haha something like this…. Anyways, just a thought!

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    It is so powerful. it inspire me to write more and encourage my students to live with their passion and dreams.
    Indeed words are weapons it could change lives of many and as a teacher I experience it everyday.
    Thanks for the blog!! it is really awesome. 🙂

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    Oooh, it’s been quite some time since I have heard words expressed so eloquently…..These here are so emotive, so so apt, so expertly crafted….indeed, they made my heart dance for a while. I have always had a fascination with words and their power to influence, to enlighten, to empower. There are those eloquent in speech but only a few who are actual connoisseurs on paper. It is indisputable that you have a way with words. That’s incredible power to effect change….
    Some years ago I read the advice from Jim Rohn…”don’t miss the words….” Sound advice. I love it when words enlighten, but when they, enliven and enrich the reading experience that’s always a bonus. Great job. Thanks for the treat!

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