Running to Life.

Running to Life.

Life is full of metaphors.

They silently surround us, waiting for us to have the sight – the Vision – to see them.

Two years ago I would’ve been more likely to run into a closed room with that demon from Paranormal Activity then run up the equally-evil Hill Street.

I am by no means an expert runner, but nowadays I run about 20-25 miles a week. I learned what a lot of you already knew – Running is an addiction. And it’s one of the few addictions that’s actually good for you… It’s transformative… Not just in the physical sense, but mentally and emotionally as well.

For me, the most powerful benefit of running is that it’s one of the greatest training grounds for success. Every breath is a mentor. Every step is an education. Every lap is a life lesson.

These are the 7 things Running has taught me most about Life:

1. Pick a spot. And go get it. Everything becomes easier when you channel all your energy towards one destination, one goal. Visualize it. Chase it. Catch it.

2. Lose yourself in your surroundings. Let your senses take over. Look at the lake. Notice the trees. There’s beauty all around you. Inspiration is everywhere… Let it be your fuel.

3. Dance while you run. Running isn’t easy. It’s sweat, pain, and sacrifice. The payoff at the end is what you’re in it for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun along the way. You have to learn to embrace even the hardest parts of your journey. Turn your music up. Blast your favorite jam. Get down, as you get around.

4. Thank people as you pass them. There will be others on the track as you race towards your goal. Some you’ll speed by on your way up. Some will cross your path on their way down. You can learn from all of them. Acknowledge them. Thank them. Waive. Then forge ahead.

5. You’re not as good as you think you are. I was in the midst of what was shaping up to be a record-setting run the other day. Sprinting up hills and breezing through side streets, feeling pretty damn happy with myself… Then, without warning, three alarmingly large and freakishly fast guys came out of nowhere and left me in their dust…. No matter how good you think you are, there are three people BETTER right around the corner. There is no time for complacency. There are no off days.

6. Never stop. It’s so much harder to start up again. No matter how high the climb, how far the distance, or how tired you feel… KEEP YOUR LEGS MOVING. You WILL get there.

7. Finish strong. When your goal is in sight, run your fastest. Put everything into that final push. Own the homestretch. Cross the finish with your heart-racing and your arms raised. You did it.

Motivation is a mind game. Find what’s meaningful to you, look for the connections, and use it as fuel to live the life you were meant to live…


Kash $

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    yay great post kash! i love “Thank people as you pass them.” i definitely use others as motivation to push myself and feel a kindred spirit with those who are on my journey with me. gratitude, then, is so important. love your perspective 🙂

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      Thanks Henna. 🙂 Appreciating and learning from everyone we meet/pass on our journey is so important. It’s crazy how a simple wave or supportive honk of a horn can get your juices flowing… whether its on the road, in the office, or in the living room, we should feed off that energy…

      Are you gonna write a guest post about riding in the MS150?? 🙂



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    finally. someone else that dances when they run! “motivation is a mind game.” i am currently trying to master this one…p.s. how are you going to call hill street evil when im about to move in there!? actually, maybe this makes sense… 🙂 great post. definitely looking forward to the fitness fridays to come!

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    Awesome post man. I really identify with “you’re not as good as you think you are”. It’s so important to remember complacency is a killer ~ Always push yourself to do better!


    P.S. ~ Kudos to the the magician Rick Shaikh on the awesome video editing, slow-mo at the end had me cracking up! ,)

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      Thanks bro… HUGE kudos to the Magician (i kinda like that new nickname we’ve bestowed upon him lol) for coming through in the clutch again… and HUGE thanks to the sharply dressed cameraman who was able to video tape while also texting with Digital influencers. lol 🙂


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        Thanks guys.

        David Blaine…watch out!

        And awesome post. Although I’m not big on running, I think u can apply these points to any type of exercise or even work related projects. Put in ur best, be greatful for the help u get along the way, finish strong, and above all…have fun while ur doin it.

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    This blog post just made me realize whatever you you do in life is actually teaching you a valuable lesson to tackle life, all you need to do is understand it and learn.

    Now for some healthy advice. Can ultra super thin people who are on the verge of disappearance, run daily?

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      Tazeen! First things first, please tell your Country to get me my visa so i can visit in 2 weeks… thank you! 😉

      And yeah, you definitely hit on the most important point… we can learn so much from every little thing we do – as long as we’re looking and open to the message.. ‘inspiration is everywhere.’

      And in your case we need to get you on a SERIOUS, high-protein, heavy-weight-lifting program! you can do the elliptical instead of running, then get started with some bodyweight squats, lunges, and stretching… we’ll move to upperbody next month. 🙂


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    Love the post!! and awesome video, very entertaining… who was the camera man?

    Although I usually run at the gym, many of these tips can still apply. I also feel a connection with everyone else around me- we are all essentially working towards the same goal, no matter the age or fitness level. I let the ones who are stronger humble me and motivate me to push harder, and the ones who are weaker uplift me and let myself feel proud for coming as far as I have come.

    And music is SO powerful! You’re absolutely right, motivation is a mind game and the right song can help you get your mind IN the game. I use music as my fuel / personal trainer / drill sergeant that won’t let me give up – I usually run to the beat (which is as close as dancing I can get without falling off the treadmill and looking like an idiot!), along with acknowledging those around me, knowing I’m not alone… we’re all in this together 🙂

    By the way- You’re posts are also great to refuel with, thanks for keeping us motivated!

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      Thanks so much, Myra… we’re in sync again – I do all those same things! 🙂

      Part of the “mind game” is reframing your obstacles/challenges/workouts… it’s not 3 miles, it’s 7 songs on your favorite playlist… it helps us be in the moment, enjoy the run/song, and before we know it, the tough part is over…

      same goes for every challenge we have in life.

      thanks and tell Kamran & Rayan i said YOOOO! 🙂


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    :).. Love it. Every word is a word of ACTION – nothing more, nothing less. Keep at it and thank you for letting us in on your secrets to such a healthy life.


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    Kash-I love this post and the video was great!!!! You are such an inspiration and these post are just what I need to get motivated again and get back into the game post baby! Cody will be 4 weeks on Monday and that is gonna be day 1 of me getting binto on it. Gotta start somewhere…Keep it coming!

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    Jamiw/Jamie! Thanks a lot… 🙂 Happy 1-month to Cody! I hope I get to see you, Cody and daddy next time I’m in houston…

    Take your time you got a lot going on, but I know you will pick up right where you left off once you start… I would love for you to do a guest post on starting Cowgirl Junkie – having a dream and making it happen… thats what this is all about!! 🙂

    talk soon,


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    “Motivation is a mind game.” …this is it. This is what it’s about. I used to detest running…hated it. Hated it with a passion. I started using Nike+ to challenge myself against some friends…pretty soon I was getting up at 4:45 just so I could be in the gym by 5:15 so I could match some miles.

    A friend then challenged me for mayorship of the gym on foursquare. I got nothing from being the mayor of my gym. No discount, no monetary reward…just bragging rights. There was no reason for me to keep going to the gym…except that I hate losing.

    This all started roughly a year ago. I no longer need to “trick” myself into getting to the gym. I’m now deeply rooted in a routine.

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      Hey Kevin – thanks for checking out the site and for the great comment… that’s exactly it – using out whatever we need to challenge, motivate, and push ourselves… any physical activity is more mind and heart than body…

      You’re transition from competing with your friends to now habitually going to the gym without question, fits into one of my Life Principle’s – “Schedule Your Success.” (… You’re livin it!

      I need to get in on those Nike+ competitions soon! Hate running indoors, so will have to do my part on the open road/hills. 🙂

      Thanks bro,

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    I would also add to number 5…you’re not as bad as you think you are.

    Nikki Giovani said during the Virginia Tech memorial service “We are better than we think, not quite what we want to be.” Oh so true 🙂

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      Love that Susan… thanks for sharing… One of the most important things I’ve learned at P&G is the importance – and rarity – of “self awareness”… people often think they are better or worse than they are at any range of things… self-awareness is a skill, and one learned, it becomes a powerful ally, and stronger shield… (

      I love the quote you shared because it reminds us to remember all of our GOOD, while pushing us to continue our growth to “better” and “best”… It’s not about comparing to others, but unleashing our full potential…. never stop.

      thanks, 🙂


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    Reason #857 why it’s inexcusable we never hang out as much anymore… we go the same running trail (in our same neighborhood). Now that Martin’s free time is sucked up by Kellog School of Business, it’s you I’m going to start pestering to join on my runs. You think Hill St. hurts? That’s only 140′ over 0.15miles = 10deg incline… check the pathway through the woods that leads up to the observatory: 180′ climb over 0.16miles = 12.7deg incline. Let’s do it!

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