Thank You. Merci. Gracias. Shukran. Salamat. Spasibo. Xie Xie. Tesekkurler. Bayarlalaa. Dhanyawaad. Dank u.

It’s been 2 weeks since we launched the #besomebody blog, and the response has been amazing… We’re growing every day and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. Thank you so much for your energy and passion… It’s contagious.

I personally have been blown away by all your positive feedback, comments, emails, BBMs, texts… Means a LOT. You guys are an inspiration, and just pretty freaking cool.

We’re starting something special here… Let’s not stop.

Quick video from yours truly, put together by the Maestro, Rick Shaikh, and myself somewhere between 2-4am last night/this morning. 🙂


Kash  $

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    Such a cute post. Love the energy that each post depicts. Each time whether serious or funny every post has an impact.

    And I love th Be Somebody tee. Its pretty amazing!

    P.S Indian accent is not that bad. You will come to know now on your trip to Bombay 😉

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      LOL… Thanks Tazeen. 🙂 #1. The shirt is a collectors item because only one was made, so let the bidding begin. 😉 good news is that the OFFICIAL #besomebody shirts are in! Order here…

      And #2, I cant wait to visit Bombay… i will have a flip cam in hand to video everyone talking and let #TEAMbesomebody be the judge of the accents. ;))

      shukria (urdu),


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    i thought my almond joy coffee creamer was the best that happened today. now i know it was this post. thanks for the laughs and constant inspiration. #besomebody 😀

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    Great video Kash ~

    I am so thrilled to be a part of something that truly is incredible. The community that is forming around #besomebody is full of so much life.

    I love visiting the site, seeing the posts, and especially reading all the comments.

    Look forward to seeing all the Cincinnati area #besomebody folk at Mainstay tomorrow night!


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    hahahahhahahhaha!!!!! LOVE IT! 🙂 Great Job! You know, I’m actually disappointed that there are only 15,000 people that like toilet paper….. what does the rest of the world like??

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      LMAO… leaves??

      Or, maybe they are like many of the Detergent users in the developing world… “hand wash.” haha :))

      thanks Debra.


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    Okay, okay. That was funny. I might be a chronic hater [and I might not use Tide…], but that was pure genius! Kash & the rest of the #besomebody team, please keep this up.

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      LOL, thanks Patty! We really appreciate your support… I hope you and Justin can make it out for a bit to the Launch Party Saturday night… hope to see you back here from time to time (Tide or no Tide ;))…



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    Inspirational and hysterical. Loved the video. If Patty and Justin don’t get out to the #besomebody party, be jealous Kash. (I saw them tonight. Lol)

    I do look forward so seeing all the Cincinnati people at Mainstays tomorrow night for the #besomebody launch party. 🙂

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    Love the video! Am truly inspired by the movement! So glad that we connected via Andrew Shipp. Being a P&G alum, I totally loved the “toilet paper is kicking our butt!) comment. Looking forward to helping spread the message of #BeSomebody.


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      Thanks so much Michelle, really appreciate your support… Just another remind of how Twitter and other social networks – when used for good and not evil (or stalking lol) – are really amazing in how they enable connections that wouldve been nearly impossible in the past… so glad we met.

      thanks again and talk soon. 🙂


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    So happy I could help you and Kash connect. I’m totally with you on the “toilet paper is kicking our butt” comment. I definitely laughed out loud.

    Thanks for your comment and support, the #besomebody team really appreciates it!


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