The Passion Economy.

The Passion Economy.

It wasn’t supposed to be this big.

It was 2009. I was just turning 30. I was getting over a breakup. I was trying to get back into the gym. I was just trying to figure out who I was, and what my purpose was in life… I was searching for a way to unleash the passion I KNEW I had inside me. The journey began with a word. A term. A declaration…


And then YOU took it. So many of you. From all walks of life, from all over the world. Together, with no motive, no strings, and no business plan, we poured our passions into this word. Simple, yet powerful. Broad, yet personal. It became our collective badge of passion. It became about YOU. And what YOU love. And that’s what made it so powerful.

Together, we created the fastest growing Motivational Movement in the world, with passion-soaked content and experiences now reaching more than 4 million people in over 180 countries… We learned that passion is the universal language.

And we also learned that passion is the most overused, underserved word in human history. Because every single one of us knows the power of following our passions. But 99% of us don’t go ALL IN on them. We hold back… We wait, and wish, and wonder…

We learned that the walls that separate us from our passions are self-built. The barricades are covered with our own fingerprints. Our own fears and doubts and insecurities… Those paralyzing emotions that leave us stuck where we are, instead of soaring toward where we’re meant to be.

Our Movement has hit these head on. It’s been that punch in the gut that we all need to knock us out of our safe and sound and suffocating boxes, and into a life centered on our passions.

But we learned that the systems and structures around us aren’t helping. Actually, they often hurt us. They corner us. They define us, and confine us. And there’s nothing more frustrating; nothing more isolating; nothing more destructive, disastrous or disparaging then to be squeezed into somebody else’s box.

And we’ve had enough.

We’re building a platform in a way that no one’s ever done it before. Beginning with passion, not product. And it grew as you all breathed your own fire into it…

We’re creating a mobile platform that will enable you to explore, discover and unleash whatever it is you’re passionate about. Explore, through content specific to your passion. Discover, by finding people around you – whether they are across the street, or across the state – who share your passion. And Unleash, by connecting you with experts, called “Passionaries”, who can teach you through shared experiences. No courses, classes or curriculum. No bureaucracy or bullshit. Just awesome experiences with cool, talented, inspiring people. There’s no better way to learn. There’s no better way to unleash. And there’s no better way to live.

We believe that with this platform, with your help, will create the next economic revolution: The Passion Economy. Because your house or your car or your suits or your jewelry are not your most valuable assets. What you love – your personal passion – that thing that you would do anything to do everyday, that thing you wake up early thinking about, and the thing you can’t sleep because you’re dreaming about it – that’s your most valuable asset. And you should be able to make a living on it.

And we are going to do everything we can to make that possible for you.

Centered on passion. Focused on people.

We are building this together.

Thank you.



Watch the video of Kash sharing his vision of the Passion Economy at the #Besomebody HQ in Austin, TX.


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    This is awesome. I have been following these on Instagram and just learned more about the team and the overall mission. Let me just say I am moved and want to become more connect and help achieve the goals mentioned by the besomebody team!

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