The #Besomebody Lifestyle.

The #Besomebody Lifestyle.

#Besomebody is a declaration that your Best is all you have to give. It’s a commitment to choose Action over apathy, Possibility over pessimism, and Now over never. It’s about embracing the Moment, and dropkicking the past. It’s part believer, part badass. Confident not cocky, driven not obsessed. It’s being relentless.

It’s rejecting mediocrity and shaking your head at the status quo. It’s a promise to live your life without the fear of failure and without the weight of regret. It’s a will to Succeed, coupled with an appetite for Evolution. It’s a land where Accountability is King, and Excuses are jesters. It’s realizing that what you’re good at starts with finding what you’re passionate about… and knowing that Greatness is the love child of Dedication and Hard Work.

It’s a constant pursuit of Balance, consciously working to keep your four cores – Mind, Body, Heart, and Gut – in harmony. It’s living a life guided by Purpose and guarded by Principles. It’s world exploration that leads to self-discovery, and self-awareness that leads to a Greater Good.

And most importantly, it’s about YOU.

It’s finding inspiration everywhere, but not comparing yourself to anyone. It’s knowing, pushing, and loving yourself. It’s making sure you don’t trip over your own feet. It’s asking yourself the tough questions and accepting the harsh answers. It’s owning your life and claiming your dreams.

#Besomebody is a lifestyle… not a destination.

Why? Because life is short, our dreams are Big, and the clock is ticking…


Kash $


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    Beautifully said Kash… we all have some moments when the #besomebody attitude comes to life. This is a great reminder that it’s in our hands to live it every second of every day. “Bring it on” attitude…

    P.S. add Dubai to your list of countries to revolutionize 😉 i know many who will love to read your posts!

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      Thanks Heba… YOU are leading the way in ‘revolutionizing’ Dubai… 🙂 looking forward to tag-teaming #besomebody style when I’m back there in June! $

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    I absolutely love this concept. My favorite part about the #besomebody concept is that it’s a LIFESTYLE not a destination. Great Job Kash! You practice what you preach, and that is what adds accountability to all your posts! People around the world are going to inspired by this website and you! Let the journey begin 🙂

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    Its a really well written post and a well designed website. This concept has been really inspiring since the day I saw the # on Kash’s twitter TL.

    The concept is simple but yet it is believed to be complex when it comes to apply to our lives.

    But the fact is if ‘YOU’ take the initiative you can conquer your dreams. All you need is to believe in yourself and #besomebody

    Looking forward to #besomebody being a revolution worldwide. Guys you’ll have inspired a lot of people through this blog and keep doing that. The world needs it 🙂

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      Thanks Taz… you’re a perfect example of someone living the #Besomebody Lifestyle… you’re right, it’s just about making a conscious choice to demand the best/most out of yourself and your life… will share the #besomebody Beliefs and some of my own principles in the coming days… would love to hear yours as well. Thanks again and goodnight to you and all the studs in Bombay! lol – $

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    “It’s a promise to live your life without the fear of failure and without the weight of regret.”

    This is what I strive to achieve.

    I’m honored to be a champion and help fan the flames.

    Big thanks to Kash, Rick and Andrew for setting this up. Looking forward to more.


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    I once heard that the more you repeat a lie, you’ll actually end up believing it.

    The same thing kinda happened to me today: from the moment I read Kash’s post this am, #besomebody became a constant part of my thoughts, and more than ever, I felt the Spark that Kash talked about and that beats any definition. This is what #besomebody is really about: The drive to believe in yourself as a human being, that nothing is out of your reach, and that anything in life is achievable through passion, compassion, love for yourself and others…and it isn’t a lie you are believing in this time!

    Take on Life’s Journey aboard the #besomebody ship!

    From Casablanca With Love


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      thanks bro, very well put. For me, the best part of this is watching people internalize and interpret my words and into their own thoughts – and actions… you pumped me up just reading your comments! Need you to guest blog one of these days! All the best to you and your family in Morocco. $

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    Looking good bro! We’re way long overdue for a massive catchup session, sounds like you’ve been up to many a venture since our not so distant days of wreckless youth past!

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      Jon! Longtime brother! GREAT to hear from you… I am in the U.S. for the next month, lets DEFINITELY get together… thanks for the support and hope to see you soon. $

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    What a fantastic philosophy of life…simple yet so powerful! Truly inspiring! You hit IT right on! #besomebody is about “YOU”…and what a better way to #besomebody than to #beyourself…to discover, love and ..yes, sometimes criticize yourself. A principle that is oftentimes hard to do, but not impossible. ..Yet, once you truly know yourself, you will know what you want out of life…so why not go get it?!!!…I believe that we all are defined by the attitude we bring to life, and we could always use a little inpiration on how to bring the best, most positive and energetic attitude to our everyday living… #besomebody will do just that!!!…and a lot more for all the folks who hop on the #besomebody ride.

    Looking forward to reading more posts!! You, your brother and Andrew did an incredible job on the site!!! Congrats on a successful first day!


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      Thanks so much Diana… 100% agree… it’s about knowing and accepting and loving yourself, and then unleashing yourself… Owning your life, and claiming your dreams… also agree, attitude and energy is so important… and it’s Contagious… that’s one of my personal #besomebody ‘Beliefs’ that i’ll share on Thursday…

      thanks again for your thoughts… and stay warm. 🙂


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    Amazing post.Stacks of sobering, tough to acquire information here. This was a excellent piece of writing. I have been looking for this for quite a while. Thanks again.

  10. […] was during this past year and a half that the #besomebody mantra and lifestyle crystallized in my mind. Below are the core ‘Beliefs’ – observations of myself and the […]

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      Thanks a lot for checking out the site Brett… I’m glad your feelin it… Welcome to the party, baby! #TEAMbesomebody.

      Kash $

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    I wish more people would write blogs like this that are really fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.

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    Andrew, I like this site and I thought it might be a good place to post a link to a project my band is doing to get our second album done. Check it out!

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    Cheers for just a really great article — to supply rear a little, heres the quotation by my own major 100: twenty one. To help be prepared for warfare is just about the more effective means of safe guarding peace. – George Wa

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    Im completely puzzled at first when i saw a promoted post of @besomebodyblog on twitter which says. “We’re Tagging the World. It’s about YOU… and that’s why it’s powerful. #besomebody” and it punched my thoughts really hard.. and i had a thought like “Oh my this is great!!– but i really need to understand whats this really about.” and then boom! i visited this blog and this page with all the crazy motivating, enthusiasm-binding , hope-lifting, powerfully encouraging context of the #besomebody movement.. what i really like about #besomebody is it fosters and pushes your personal growth to unlock your full potential to reach and achieve your best goals and possibilities. With God all is possible and our job is to embrace it and put our faith into it.. i wanna be a part of something great that will surely move and change lives of lots of people, i wanna #besomebody, and Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philiipines should be ignited with this movement.

    “Embracing the Moment, and dropkicking the past. It’s part believer, part badass. Confident not cocky, driven not obsessed. It’s being relentless.”

    continue to fire every heart as much as possible. Kudos!

    1. Avatar

      Darrell – I apologize I just saw your comment. Thanks very much for reading and for sharing. Your support and energy means a lot. So glad to have the support of you and the people of the Philippines! Now is the time… #besomebody. – Kash

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      2d1I wanted to write you the bit of rermak to finally thank you very much as before on your wonderful opinions you’ve discussed on this site. It has been pretty generous with you to offer extensively exactly what most people might have advertised for an e book to generate some money for themselves, most importantly given that you could have tried it if you desired. Those tips likewise served like a good way to realize that the rest have the identical zeal like my own to know a great deal more with regards to this issue. I am certain there are lots of more pleasant moments in the future for individuals that read carefully your blog.

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      TJ – so sorry brother, i just saw your comment. Will check out your post tonight. Thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words. – Kash

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    Every night when i sleep i hope to do something big the next morning… but then the desperation dies away…. this was nust the perfect motivation i needed… Thanks

    1. Avatar

      Raheel – that happens to the best of us my friend… the key is to capture that passion – harness that inspiration, and live your life in that ZONE. And don’t let anyone, or anything, take you out of it… center your life on your passion, and go ALL IN. Thanks for reading bro. – Kash

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      Hell yeah, thanks a lot Brooks. I think I saw your application come through for the IBB. Glad to have you on the squad brother! – Kash

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    Hi Kash – do you know that in the face of some difficulties in my life at the moment I have been questioning everything, myself, purpose #besomebody …. strange when you think how long you and I have talked and enthused about this together. I read this post and again thought …. why don’t I quite feel the same passion for the #besomebody ‘brand’ as I did …. and then it came to me.

    As I have talked to people about becoming Passion Portraits for the UK one of their questions that has consistently come up has been ‘but what does it mean in practice?’ or ‘what does it all really stand for?’.

    I love your post and your whole ethos Kash, you above all others know I do, but what is not there is the ‘how do I do this in my life, my reality, with all the pressures of daily life, bills to pay, responsibilities to meet.

    If you are young and not yet set on a course, without family, mortgage and so on making the choice to #besomebody in the pure sense is ‘easier’ as you don’t have baggage already in place to think about. You can commit to your dreams, go ‘All In’ and commit the ‘selfishness’ that this implies. For someone like me, with family, job, a team that looks up to me for guidance and inspiration at work, parents with rapidly failing health who need my support and love, children looking for me to know all the answers ….. how do I go All In? How do I take the selfish decisions that let me focus purely on my passion, my personal goals? The reality is that I cannot do it in the pure terms that your post sets out.

    Yet actually that does not stop me #beingsomebody….. but it does mean I need to think a lot more about what it means to go ‘All IN’ in my circumstances, about defining my goals and my passions as they relate to my life where I am today and not where I might have chosen to be at the age of 51 years old if all had gone to plan in the preceding half century.

    For me the goals do not relate to becoming the best at something, or to following my dreams of youth. It is more about keeping my mother sane as my fathers health finally fails, helping my son Harry find his way into the world despite his OCD and other troubles, helping my team at work achieve their goals, and in amongst all that somehow keeping my sanity as all around me is in chaos. For me it is taking all my time, energy and life to get this done – I am going all in to achieve my goals. It is simply they are much more mundane than some of those which rightly jump out of the passion portraits and films on the #besomebody website and FB page. That said , to me, and I guess many more like around the world who already have ‘baggage’ we are still going ‘All In’ to achieve our life goals ……. it just that they are not as photogenic or inspiring on the surface. When you look deeper though …. what could be more important than supporting and loving your mother as she loses her life partner of over 60 years??

    My best to you Kash …. but don’t forget all of us ‘normal’ people amongst the inspirational stories.

    #besomebody – it is up to you to define what the goals are but whatever they are make sure you go all in for them. I am.


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    No truer words have ever been stated so eloquently and forthright. Being a part of this movement, each second of every day makes me appreciate every moment that much more. Thank you for being so genuine, passionate and allowing all of us to come along for the ride of a lifetime. I look forward to the new adventures & the memories ahead . #besomebody #besomebodyblog @Kash_Shaikh

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