This Is What Happens When You Go All In

This Is What Happens When You Go All In

I called bullsh*t on myself four years ago.

I called myself out – and walked away from everything that I once thought was important – to go all in on my passion.

I got tired of listening to my excuses.

I finally decided to stop wishing and waiting and wondering… and just go for it.

The road has been much harder than I ever imagined.

The glitz wears off the dream the first time you get your ass kicked.

And there are a lot of beatings that come quickly after that.

Some really, really smart plans haven’t worked.

Some great ideas fell inches short.

Some good teammates called it quits.

The highs have been intoxicating – that feeling of creation and connection is a beautiful drug.

The lows have been ugly.

In entrepreneurship, failure is a daily activity.

Learning is breathing, and breathing is learning.

But as long as you keep working, you become a better animal.

As long as you stay focused, you find the fleeting answers.

And as long as you stay true – to yourself, to the vision, and to the people you’re building it for – then good things happen…

At least that’s what I believe.

And the whole journey – every single sideways step of it – is the best part.



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