This Love is Too Big.

This Love is Too Big.

This love is too big… so let’s break it.

Meet it with lies and greet it with lacerations.
Smash every sentiment and slash every sound.
Punch it with open arms.
Rip off the romance and shut down the slow dance and make it leave while the music’s still playing.
Knock it out with heavy words and tear it down with tasteless terms, and speak to it like it doesn’t belong here.

Let’s kill it before it gets any bigger.

Because we can’t handle this big love.
It’s too much to wrap our world around.
It’s too wide to wake up next to in the morning.
It takes up too much time and too much thought and too much torment.
It weighs us down with insecure ambitions and holds us back with unsecured suspicions, and then pins us to the floor of our beautifully battered hearts.

This love hurts, and we can’t take it.

We’d rather live safe and small and protected.
Settle for average and afraid and unaffected.
Let’s attack it before it attaches and beat it before it bites.
Rip it before it reveals us and cut it before we cry.
Strangle it with our own handsΒ and silence it to death.

This love is just too damn big…

So let’s break it.
And when there’s pain in the pieces let’s fake it.
Let’s pretend that the end was part of the plan and deny everyday that we’re shaken.
Our unspoken sin, a love that didn’t begin, drowned in the waves of our weakness within.
Condemned for all days to what could’ve, and should’ve been…

Let’s bury this love alive.

Until tomorrow…

When we decide to bring it back to life.



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    Great piece. Never checked out the besomebody blog until today. Glad I opened the email. Keep it up!

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      Hi April – really glad you checked out the blog too. Our movement, brand and platform started so small and simple – just some honest words on a little blog. The blog – and the feelings we share – is still the heart and soul of #besomebody. Thanks very much for reading. πŸ™‚ – Kash

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