This Year is Yelling.

This Year is Yelling.

2015 is here.

And he’s staring.

He’s looking me in the eyes and leering into my lies and reaching for the secrets behind my back.

He’s here. And he’s screaming. Scolding my scared soul. He’s grabbing the “what if’s” from my pocket and pouring the “right now’s” down my throat.

He’s wiping the smile off my fears and scrubbing the shine from my excuses. He’s ripping every “easy way” off my tongue and holding my head beneath my own bullshit. Suffocating the life out of every “maybe” that’s made me stiff and stuck and stationary.

He’s blindfolding every notion of “too hard” or “too far” or “too much” or “too old.” And handcuffing my hesitation to the table. Carrying me to the ledge, and pushing me off the edge, and roaring as I finally open my arms to the fall.

He’s unraveling my inaction and unleashing my true passion, setting me free to finally be the person I am meant to be.

2015 is here, rough and raging.

THIS year is yelling.

And it’s MINE for the taking.




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