Today Is The Gift

Today Is The Gift

Some chances are too fleeting to feel often.

Some choices are too rare to reoccur regularly.

Opportunities that appear in an instant, and then escape in a flash.

Moments that are meant to be earned, and learned, and appreciated.

Invisible openings into a world of potential and possibility. Unscripted. Uncommon. And unseen…

Today, is that day. Today, Hope comes out of hiding. And Belief meets us for breakfast. Promise drives us to work, and Time is FINALLY on our side…

Three-quarters of our life, we are denied this day.

Today, it’s in our hands. Given and gifted. Wrapped and ready. No strings attached. An extra day to dream, and do, and fix, and finish. An added occasion to begin rebuilding what’s been broken, and start seizing what we’ve let slide.

Twenty-four more hours to claim what’s truly ours…

What will you do with them?



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