When Passion and Purpose Work Together

When Passion and Purpose Work Together

We often get our “passion” and our “purpose” confused.

I used to think about this a lot, especially as I got older and started to advance in my career. I wanted my decisions to be more linked to passion and purpose, but I wasn’t clear on either.

Were they the same thing? How do you define them? What’s the difference?…

It took me a lot of learning and exploring and failing and finding to discover the simple answer to that confusing question:

Your passion is about YOU. It’s about what you love.

Your purpose has NOTHING to do with you. It’s about what you do for OTHERS.

And when you’re able to sync them seamlessly together – pouring your time and energy and effort into what you love in order to create something meaningful for others – that’s when you become your greatest self. That’s when you give your greatest gift.



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