Why Do You Love Me From a Distance?

Why Do You Love Me From a Distance?

Why do you love me from a distance?
What is it about me that you’re scared to see?
Hidden in layers of leased resistance.
Hiding in temporary states of free.

Why am I too much to come close to?
How come my shape is too harsh to touch?
Suspended between the right and the rearview.
Extended beyond our lies and our mistrust.

I’m not the picture that sits at your fingers.
I’m not the person who stares from your screen.
The artificial art of visual is what lingers.
But the best of me is still sight unseen.

I’m more than these manicured moments.
I’m bigger than these pretty-plated words.
My softer side is sliding out of focus.
My deepest voice is still fighting to be heard.

Maybe I’m your secret potion.
Or maybe you’re my undiscovered dream.
Drunk with disorderly devotion.
Daunted by disconnected seams.

So take a chance on all that you’re feeling.
And be brave enough to hold me near.
These open cuts need honest healing.
Let’s save ourselves in all that we fear.



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    On my second week working for #besomebody, Kash approached me with a ceremonial looking dagger, and told me to carve “#besomebody” into my own arm. I of course, refused, repulsed and appalled by the self mutilation that Kash was trying to force on me. As the weeks continued, Kash continued to persist, asking me to carve #besomebody into my own arm, to prove my dedication to my passion. I continued to refuse and discovered that many of the other employees had carved several things into their bodies, such as “#besomebody,” “go all in,” “passion is suffering,” “embrace the suffering,” and even “Hail Hydra.” It was then that I finally realized the truth of the situation…

    #besomebody is a cult.

    Kash Shaikh is a cruel cult leader who seeks to drag his employees into the heart of suffering. Only a cult would advocate suffering for passion. Only a cult would advocate working up the “courage” and “passion” to jump off a cliff. Only a cult leader would tell high school students to light a bridge on fire as they walked on it. This cult leader advocates not having a plan B, and instead “going all in” on his “platform” with all of their “passion” and faith placed into this, what can only be described as a cult. And this cult is particularly detrimental, as it encourages suffering, pyromania, jumping off of cliffs, and going into mysterious dark caves.

    If you did not catch a vital part of Kash’s speech, he stated that you should go all in on your passion, passion is the most powerful thing in the world, and passion is a path all people should follow. He also however, stated that passion was suffering. Kash is telling all of his followers, his entire cult, random highschoolers, and people all over the world that they must devote themselves to suffering. If such a thing is not cult activity, I just don’t know what is.

    As I tried to make my escape from the #besomebody headquarters, Kash let out an inhuman screech of fury, and broke out on all fours, desperately crawling after me. Many of the other #besomebody employees also pursued me, each trying to strike me with various office appliances, such as staplers, scalpels, and even entire computer monitors, hoping to cut and crush me under their “passion.” I escaped the headquarters, but not before suffering many deforming injuries, such as various scrapes, blunt trauma, and even a missing arm from where Kash Shaikh himself bit it off. Now I am afraid to go outside, and am forced to live in the basement of my mother’s house.

    Though I escaped, #besomebody’s suffering stuck with me forever. Don’t let it ruin your lives as well. Be aware of the dangers #besomebody poses to humanity.

    And Kash, if you are reading this, how do you live with yourself? Knowing you’ve doomed so many people to suffer, under your platform?

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