Wild and Free.

Wild and Free.


Wild and free.

Racing toward my unmistakable me.

Weights off my shoulders. Doubts off my back. Regrets growing older. Fears under attack.

I’m not stopping until I touch the part of the sky that I’ve stared at for years. Reaching my hands above my highest aspirations and raising my fists toward my tallest temptations. Letting go of every desperate act of indecision that’s kept me clinging to a life that isn’t my own.

Everyone is born free, but our first steps are straight into the cage someone else has built for us. Untamed beasts caught inside the corners of someone else’s mind. A perfectly-painted prison built by another person’s vision, with no room for our own potential, purpose or passion.

But what about what WE want?

What about our own dreams? And our own ambitions? What about our insatiable appetite to explore, and discover, and unleash?…

I’m sick of standing in someone else’s shoes.

I’m tired of sinking in someone else’s sandbox. I want my feet to feel the face of unsolid ground. And my toes to taste the ocean.

I want to let go of their damaging words, and leave behind their lifetime sentences, and write my own story… Take my own chances.

I know most people won’t understand. And many will turn their backs on me. I know some that I love won’t celebrate what I see.

I know I have to break my heart for this journey to start.

But I found who I am.

And I feel who I can be.

A soul set on fire.

Alive, wild and free.



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    I love everything you stand for, and especially how what you stand for means standing for EVERYBODY who has a passion. But most of all, I love your writings. So blessed to have fortuitously found #besomebody while simultaneously launching my pwn business. Two days after launching my DREAM BIZ, I received an amazingly healthy six figure offer to go back in the cubicle. I didn’t hesitate for a half a second to SAY THANKS BUT NO THANKS TO THE CUBICLE even though those in my world thought I was NUTS. Certifiable! Today, 13 months later, they want to know my ‘secret’ to happiness and success. Passion! Passion is key! THANKFULLY YOURS, #KellyCan

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      thank you as always Kelly. means a lot. #besomebody began from these simple, real and raw blog posts. And it grew because of people like you who made them wayyyy bigger than they were on their own. Thank you and much love. #besomebody.

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    Wow this is simply amazing Kash! “I know I have to break my heart for this journey to start.” It is incredible how it is the toughest conditions that bring about the most positive transformation in our lives. Thank you for sharing this beautiful paradox of life so eloquently.

    As always I really appreciate your sharing your inspiring words Kash! Your blog has played a huge part of my life since I first discovered it almost three years back. Since then, I have followed my dreams of becoming a female mechanical engineer. When I first discovered this blog, I was a shy, quiet girl with huge dreams. I am now a married woman, female mechanical engineer and have donned my hard-hat and steel toed boots working in a manufacturing facility!

    Words can’t express my gratitude, but simply put – thank you Kash! I can’t wait to share what the next chapter of life unfolds #besomebody

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