Write My Eyes Out.

Write My Eyes Out.

Tonight I’m gonna write my eyes out. And let my sentences put me to sleep. Dozing as my fingers cry out. Drifting between destiny and dream.

Pouring my heart onto paper. Scrawling my soul into sand. Erasing the faces of safer. Tracing the tolls of my hands.

Searching through forgotten spaces. Sifting through unspoken sense. Surging to faraway places. Shifting past my present tense.

Tonight I’m gonna speak in poems. And beg myself for perfect peace. Talking back to hidden homes. Topping facts with pretty pleas.

Reaching for fallen questions. Teaching forbidden marks. Masking my false expressions. Revealing my scattered scars.

Learning through awkward pauses. Burning through parallel words. Rising to fallen clauses. Rhyming to forgotten verbs.

Tonight, I write to the world. But I’m revealing myself to me. Uncut, unchained, uncurled. My words will set me free.



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