You're Not Good Enough.

You're Not Good Enough.

Stupid, dumb, ugly, and crazy.
Far fetched, far out, and far from the taking.

Not gonna happen and not good enough.
You’re not gonna make it, so forget what you love.
Give up on that goal that keeps calling your name.
Put out that fire and stamp out that flame.
Reset your sights on a safer destination,
Far from fulfilled and full from frustration.

Sit, stay, stop and roll over.
Play dead and play dumb and play a lot closer.

Turn the lights off on your wandering eyes.
Burn the sights sought by your wilder side.
Keep your feet stranded on this cozy cliff.
Tiptoe between What Is and What If.
Live safely and straightly and shrink down your standards.
Turn your back on your vision and take your mind off your answers.

Wait and want and wish and wonder.
Drown out your desires and hangover your hunger.

Witness the death of your dream and the passing of your passion.
Bury your ambition and suffocate your action.
Kill everything that you want to do,
And live your life the way THEY told you to.

Prisoner, predator, traitor to your purpose.
Murderer, burglar, bandit of the worthless.

Set fire to your beliefs.
Keep lying to your peace.
Let go, don’t grow, live low where they keep you.
Forget your fantasies… let your FEARS defeat you.

Fall victim to the kingdom of your doubtful whispers.
Leave success to the rest, the worst of the listeners.
What’s holding you back doesn’t reach from the distance,
The voices that poison they come from within us.

For years we’ve been fighting an invisible monster,
But it’s the demons inside us that we’ve yet to conquer.
Face to face with our doubts, pace by pace with our doubters.
When we stand up to what scares us, we bring back all our powers.

The battle was never with him or her or them.
Raise hell with yourself, and the real fight begins.

So cover your ears and open your senses,
Break down your walls and tear down your fences.
Rise up against the enemy inside you,
From now on your fears will never define you.




  1. Avatar

    That was fantastic. I’ve written on the same subject but haven’t been able to capture it with such poetic flow

  2. Avatar

    Your words keep hitting the right spot each and every single time. “From now on your fears will never define you”… words to live by. Thank you bro for the much needed inspiration.

    Your friend from the south.

  3. Avatar

    Love it, Kash! I really can’t tell you how much I admire and am amazed by what you’re doing. You’re helping people around the world take that very first step toward chasing and living their passion (versus societal/parental standards, etc.) Face the fear & conquer it. Oftentimes, it’s our imagination (and the fear of “what if?!”) that’s our greatest enemy. Take the first step, make that plunge, and never look back!

    Thanks for this. You’re inspiring me in more ways than I can tell you.

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